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Leadership Topics Customized To Your Needs

Listed as one of Forbes Coaches Council’s top leadership and management experts, John Hawkins addresses your needs head-on.


Bradley Keller

Bradley Keller

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John is an incredible speaker and is utterly amazing at developing teams and empowering them for better success! He excels in developing leadership traits in those whom he works with. I highly recommend John to work with you or your team to help you hone your leadership capabilities!

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Using this framework, Reaching Every Aspect of Life, John gives you results-driven advice on how to improve your organization and life.

Do you want happy clients, more productivity, increased revenue, profitability and growth? Book John now to speak at your next event.



John combines coaching and humor to instill a leadership-culture mindset in your company which yields measurable results, engaging, educating and motivating audiences with his unparalleled expertise and insight.

Become equipped on:

  • Doing the extraordinary, developing clear vision, achieving success, significance and legacy. Teams are taught to inspire positive change and turn clients into raving fans!
  • A powerful three-step method to transform your leadership: Growing yourself, growing your team and growing your organization.
  • Maximizing efforts, resources and results: Be a leader who inspires change in others, achieving the goal and going from average to excellent and doing what it takes to get to the next level.
  • Facing challenges head-on and addressing questions on every aspect of life and leadership.

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