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Be Authentic

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“Everything falls into place perfectly when knowing and living the truth becomes more important than how we look” ~ John Hawkins


Let’s stop all of the “image management” junk. It’s exhausting, stressful and the exact opposite of how we are created to live. I have been there and let me reassure you that trying so very hard to be liked, loved, forgiven and accepted, when you are not being real yourself, only leads to discouragement and disheartenment.



Let’s first recognize that an authentic, real voice is that quiet voice who speaks to your heart and soul, telling you what is right for you and what you really need. Being authentic and real means being yourself 24/7 and sometimes that isn’t easy…ESPECIALLY IN BUSINESS!!!! Finding the courage to be who you really are will help you realize your true colors. Peel back the layers, find yourself your authentic self. Forge your character first. Then let your reputation be derived from your character and not the other way around…


So how can you begin to be your even more ‘authentic self?’ Here are three quick tips which will get your immediate results:



1) CONNECT: Be a friend in real-time. We all know that Facebook, Twitter and Linked In are tremendously powerful social media applications. Yes we need to advertise, market and stay relevant with the latest and greatest. And we can all use technology better through webinars, conference calls, FaceTime, etc. At the same time, if there is no face-to-face interaction in your relationships and partnerships, you are missing the real depth of connection through human interaction. Go ahead and check with your friends in the digital space, but also create time to be a friend in real life. Invest in your true self, not in your cyber self. And when you are hanging out with someone in person… It won’t kill you to turn off and ignore your phone…COMPLETELY!!!!



2) Disregard the cynics. There are SO MANY PEOPLE THAT WANT TO SEE YOU FAIL!!!!!!! They are happy when they see you mess up and make mistakes and fail!!! because then it gives them reason and justification for their own failures. Here is my simple response to negative people in your life.


SCREW ‘EM!!!!!!!


Get rid of them!!!! Cut them out and don’t let them back….Life is WAAAAYYY to hard and way too short to allow the negative ones in your life!!!! Being you is so much easier when you aren’t carrying the dead weight of cynical, negative people in your life!



3) Lead with heart! An authentic leader is all heart. They are not afraid to dig deep, and they lead their team with a courage and empathy that only comes from well-grounded authenticity. You cannot “fake it until you make it” by putting on a show as a leader or being a chameleon in your style. People sense very quickly who has heart…and who does not. Some leaders may pull it off for a while, but ultimately they will not gain the trust of their teammates, especially when dealing with difficult situations. If people see their leaders as trustworthy and are leading from the heart, followers will respond very positively to requests for help in getting through difficult times.


As long as you keep being you, as long as you keep staying true to yourself and who you are,..


It doesn’t matter what others think of you. Seriously…it doesn’t!!!


What matters is that you are living in truth and being authentic, the people who need you will find you. And you will find the people you need.


Until the next time, be good humans and BE AUTHENTIC!!!

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LinkedInRiches Podcast

Leadership, Personal Growth


Have you ever wondered what separates the "good" people from the "GREAT" people?

I had the opportunity to chat with John Nemo from Linked In Riches (linkedinriches.com)


This dude is a ROCKSTAR!!! I originally met him when he helped me with my Linked In Profile.


Here is a podcast he and I recorded a couple of weeks ago about my new book "Expect Greatness".


Leadership Lessons with John Hawkins


You can get more info or contact him directly at http://linkedinriches.com or on Linked In


Or drop me an email and I will be sure to put you in touch with him


Be the Diamond and EXPECT GREATNESS!!!


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Today is a REAL post for REAL leaders everywhere and it’s an exercise we all should do for ourselves. Take a walk through a cemetary and tell me what you see. Grass, trees, headstones right? What about the “dash”?


One day, the headstone above will be actually be mine! And to stop the rumor mill right now, yes…I am still very much alive


* I see potential…and LOTS of it! And sadly…it’s mostly WASTED POTENTIAL!

* I see people who had the cure for cancer and never did anything about it.

* I see people who had beautiful music inside their hearts and never sung nor wrote it.

* I see people who said things they never meant and didn’t have the opportunity (or courage) to correct those things.

* Don’t be the person who limited themselves to small thinking, small results and a small life!!!

* I see people who would have been world class ballet dancers, could have been incredible athletes, should have climbed Mount Everest.

* I see people so wrapped up in themselves, that they lost sight of what’s really important!!!

* I see all the woulda, coulda, shoulda people that may have changed the world!!!!


I know most of the people in the graveyard didn’t plan to die on the day they died. I know most people used someday and soon way too often. I know a person’s history does not dictate their future. I also know how important it is to die empty and to use up all of our potential…every last bit that God has given us!!!
As leaders in the business world, in our communities, in our churches, in our homes, it should be our utmost priority to fully live up to our dash daily!!!
Here’s what my DASH looks like right now: I believe in God, Family, Country and then everything else…in that order. I am fiercely, totally, completely, ridiculously dedicated to help others reach their absolute fullest potential in their lives. Whether it’s spiritual, physical, mental, social, emotional, or financial, I help willing people be the absolute BEST they can be!!!!! I help others because I believe…no…I KNOW…I was created to motivate, equip, and transform people who will help motivate, equip and transform the world…


There’s more to my DASH. LOTS more. And it’s time to go live up to my DASH and quit writing about it


What about you? How’s your DASH?


Have a brilliant weekend my friends!!!


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It’s The Little Details

Leadership, Personal Growth


Every moment of every day, we encounter innumerable “little details.” Some of these little details matter…a lot!!! We all have been in a bathroom where the toilet paper roll was empty when it was desperately needed. Ahhhh…the little details…


Yet it’s too easy for us to get swept up in the grand scheme of things and forget to pay attention to the small stuff…the little details. Today’s society is always pushing us to look ahead, forget the little details and focus on “the big picture.”


But somehow we need to learn how to pay attention to these little details because when put in perspective, they build up over the years and eventually come to define us.


Our attention to detail in the little things defines our success in the big things


No two businesses and industries are alike, but successful leadership principles are largely universal. In order to have our businesses reach their full potential, we must be intentional about learning and implementing what successful business owners and leaders are doing. By implementing a carefully designed leadership development program today, you will insure that the next generation of leaders will be prepared to lead, and you will create a culture that attracts quality customers, vendors, suppliers, and employees!!!!


After 20+ years of working with some of the most incredible businesses and organizations, here are 6 specific strategies for massive leadership success that remain consistent among the highest performing businesses and companies!





Before you start your day, make sure your business has a laser sharp, crystal clear vision, goals and objectives. This seems like a no-brainer, however way too many companies blow right past this critical first step.


Seriously…As business leaders, we cannot ignore the most basic of questions: What do we value? What do we believe in? What do we as a business stand for? What positive behaviors do we want to recognize and reward?


There aren’t specific answers to these questions that applies to everyone. Objectives for a small 3-5 person startup are different than those of a 30 year old company with 200 employees going through a period of transition. We have to define the destination in S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) terms using the correct perspectives, before we start putting together the map on how to get there.





I have to remind myself of this all the time… Leadership Development MUST REMAIN simple, direct, focused and on-track. Here are three practices that immediately help individuals, teams and organizations hit their leadership development goals and objectives.


A) BE AWARE: Leadership Development and Growth needs to be an ongoing process in which there is company wide awareness of the goals, objectives, challenges, opportunities, etc.


B) BE INTENTIONAL: Successful Leadership Development programs requires that we must purposefully do the right things at the right time in the right order for the right reasons.


C) BE ACCOUNTABLE: A successful and sustainable Leadership Development program requires us us to have an ongoing high level of internal and external accountability.





Hearing is simply the act of perceiving sound by the ear. If you are not hearing-impaired, hearing simply happens.


Listening, however, is something you consciously choose to do.


Listening requires concentration so that your brain processes meaning from words and sentences.Leaders must be able to listen and understand, as well as communicate.


Quality Leadership has ongoing dialog as one of it’s core components! There is a major difference between communicating and telling. When you truly have open dialog, there is tremendous opportunity for clarity and improvement. Learning to listen is more than just hearing. It’s actually about putting effort in to comprehend the value and respond accordingly.


A good Leader uses our 2 ears and 1 mouth in the correct ratio !!!


PS…Swear to yourself TODAY that you will permanently remove “we have always done it that way” phrase from your vocabulary. It’s the number one hindrance to effectively listening and one of the top 3 things that will kill a business ridiculously fast!!!





People are ALWAYS your greatest resource!!! Clients, customers, vendors and employees are all tremendously important to your ongoing success! Putting employees through Leadership Development workshops, seminars and conferences can help re-motivate them, boost morale, and create new opportunities that have the potential to stimulate creativity. Find ways to strengthen the level of trust you have with everyone involved in your enterprise.


Build, build, build, build your people. And then build some more!!!


Here is a quick test. Rate yourself in the following areas on a scale of 1 – 10. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF…How do you score? These are all areas within your control AND are highly critical areas of development for every leader. Even the slightest improvement will have a significant impact immediately!!!


  • Be Considerate.
  • Be Transparent.
  • Be Fair.
  • Be Constructive.
  • Be Realistic.
  • Be Decisive.
  • Be Consistent.
  • Be Fun
  • BE NICE!!!!



It all starts at the top!!! Company culture, attitude, values, standards and ethics all come from the top down!!!!!!!



A passionate and compassionate leader can energize an entire company just as a dispassionate, self-absorbed leader can destroy one. Set an example of cooperation, fairness, trust and openness. Focus on solutions and positivity instead of blame and backstabbing.


I promise you this. You can spend a bazillion dollars on external consultants and “leadership gurus”, and it will always, always, always come back to the owner’s and business leaders approach If you’re motivated, equipped and happy in your role, then others will follow your lead. If you come in with a bad attitude, don’t expect any different from your employees.


A quality Leadership Development program will help the owners and leaders to make sure they shape their role, and their company, to make them fulfilled and excited. A quality leadership development program will help you to grow yourself, grow your team, and grow your organization!!!





Generally speaking…No complaining. Not from you. Not from your team. Don’t allow it as it will mess up your team faster than anything!!! A divisive, grumbling spirit will DESTROY morale and severely limit results.


A good Leader will focus on motivating, equipping and transforming behaviors, over time. Here is one of my personal secrets I have used successfully with large and small organizations. When someone does start to whine, I set a timer. For real. I allow 3 minutes (like an egg).


You can whine and gripe and complain for 3 minutes and then it’s DONE!!!!! FOREVER!!!! After the timer is up, WE MOVE ON and we focus on finding a SOLUTION!!!!


If you have people who do nothing but complain, a good Leadership Development Program will help to identify them, motivate them, and if necessary, GET RID OF THEM!!!! There are over 7 billion people on this planet and I GUARANTEE there will be someone who has the expertise and wisdom you need who isn’t a whiner.


A quality Leadership Development program is no longer an option in today’s market…it’s a requirement!!!! If you TRULY WANT to drive your business to the highest levels possible, and see even more success, then it’s time to start paying attention to the little details!


I know what it takes to be the best of the best! I would love the opportunity to chat with you about how you can improve your leadership strategies with an effective leadership development program.


Until next time…Here’s to your MASSIVE SUCCESS!!!

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Leadership, Personal Growth


What if there is just ONE THING…the “X” factor…that will set you apart and accelerate your and your team crazy results and crazy fast?
It’s simple…do what every professional athlete does….Get a mentor!!!


And for your business, You absolutely, positively NEED Leadership Development and mentoring!!!


And I have proof!!!! I use myself as a prime example. I have been to 65 countries, held executive positions, titles and roles in large corporations and churches.I have owned my own companies and have worked extensively with some of the greatest leadership experts of our generation. I have written numerous blogs on leadership for people and am in process of writing several books based on a lifetime of leadership learning, growth and experience.


We all need someone to help show us the way…someone who knows the way…someone who goes the way themselves. Someone who talks the talk…and walks the walk… each and every day!


In addition to Leadership Development, I am a proven executive and IT consultant. I was talking to a client yesterday and he said something very powerful. He said that People often hire an IT professional because they understand they don’t know everything there is to know about IT. He then went on to say that those same people won’t hire Leadership Development experts and mentors because they think they already know enough about leadership and development and growth.


And I am amazed because he’s right…people will hire an IT expert for their business. They will go see the right medical expert for their health issues. Yet when it comes to the personal growth and leadership development, they avoid the topic completely. They justify their reasoning by saying they attended leadership training 10 years ago and they can’t learn anything new from a coach, a mentor or a seminar.
So maybe there is some truth to that logic…and then again probably not.


I know there is MUCH MUCH more success…and significance… available to me. And my mentors help me to move past barriers and roadblocks and negative mindsets and most importantly, they help me to see things from a different, fresh perspective. A perspective that gets me to my desired result FASTER than if I do it by myself! I learned that having a good mentor helps me get intentional growth and development. I also learned it’s something I have to do on a daily basis, not once every 10 years…


So here’s several questions to help you figure out if you need leadership development and/or executive mentoring.


1) Are you consistently producing the real results you want in a realistic timeframe?


2) Are you well balanced in your key foundational areas (Physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, and social)?


3) Do you have a S.M.A.R.T. strategy in your work life and your personal life? Is it working?


4) Is your career on track and going where you want it to go?
5) Are you and your team living up to your full potential?


If you answered ‘NO’ to any of these questions, then you need leadership development and/ or executive mentoring. And best news of all? I can help you…and I am really good at helping real people get real results


Let’s set up a time to chat for 20 minutes or so. During this time, we will * Create a crystal clear vision to consistently achieve the results that you want. * Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success.
* You’ll leave our call renewed, reenergized and inspired to create a powerful results- driven life that gets things done, gets real results, and still have an amazing personal life!!!


I can help you gain awareness, be intentional, and provide the accountability you need to get real results!!!!


contact me today and let’s chat

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How to go from "good enough" to AWESOME!!!

Leadership, Personal Growth


Bottom line:

If there was ever a time to differentiate yourself and STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD, it is NOW!

In today’s world, where change happens faster than the click of a mouse, franchises want the leadership strategies that will empower them to tackle our crazy 24/7 world so they can: Increase sales. Be better leaders. Attract more customers. Manage change. Maximize productivity. Maintain Integrity. Communicate effectively. Stay healthy. Enjoy life more along the way. And….experience more success than they ever thought possible.

Today’s business environment is increasingly complex and rapidly evolving. Those who choose to lead or are thrown into management roles are often left to develop their own skills for harnessing the power and potential of their team to produce results. This is not surprising in this YouTube and “instant guru” world we are in.

But there is a better way!

Leadership coaching has been proven to be a highly effective method for impactful individual and team development. In fact, a recent global survey of coaching clients by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource Center concluded that the mean ROI for companies investing in coaching was more than 6 times the initial investment, with over 25% of companies reporting an ROI of 10 to 49 times. The underlying theme is simple…spend money on the development of your people because…

People are the only reason organizations succeed or fail!!!

After all, what makes up an organization if not its people? And logic would dictate that an intelligent, strategic plan of investing in this “human capital” would lead to a greater return on the organization’s core assets. In a franchise organization, a lot of money, time and resources are spent on developing product and processes.

However, investing in people is not the same as investing in a piece of equipment or a new software program. For one thing, measuring the return on an investment in a person is a bit more difficult than, say, measuring the increase in the number of widgets per hour sold by the new widget machine that has just been installed on the franchise floor.

* For example, when coaching Franchise Sales People, the ROI is calculated based on how the sales people are able to close more franchises in their pipeline.

* Another example would be coaching a team on improving communications which often has a direct correlation on increasing employee retention rate.


Enough with the examples…Lets talk REAL RESULTS!!!

A Real Life Case Study of Leadership Coaching ROI from the “Expect Greatness ™ program

A company I worked with had 15 mid level managers in one department. The team executive had a reputation for micro-managing and was considered by peers and reports to be “intimidating” and “overwhelming”. One employee survey showed that 33% of the employees were not happy in their current roles and the department also had a 33% turnover (5 people) the year before. We talked and decided that the Expect Greatness Leadership Development program would be a good fit into their existing processes

A six-month coaching program led to tremendous breakthroughs in the team exec that transformed his reputation from “micro managing boss” to “engaged leader” . The coaching also helped the team to grow and flourish, while increasing specific, measured productivity by 8% in the 6 months. It also decreased turnover to less than 10% ( 1 person left) in 1+ years after the coaching engagement. The coaching program investment was $30,000 for the 15 people for 6 months...

One key benefit from this coaching case was the monetary value attached to replacing these employees . Here is the approximate ROI on the leadership coaching program, based on the fact we were able to retain 4 additional people in year 1 after completion of the coaching program

  • $56,000 in search agency fees = 20% of annual compensation per employee is saved ($70,000 per employee/ $280,000 total compensation for 4 employees).
  • $4,326 in internal recruiter costs = The internal recruiter estimated she spent 120 hours on the search (30 per employee), including reviewing candidates, scheduling interviews, preparing assessments, conducting reference checks, notifying unsuccessful candidates, etc., this cost can be estimated at approximately (120 hrs/2080 hrs annually X $75,000 recruiter annual salary).
  • $70,000 in Lost Prooductivity = The search averaged approximately 3 months per employee, the cost of lost productivity resulting from the vacant positions can be estimated at 25% (one quarter of a year) of annual compensation per employee.
  • $70,000 in Reduced Productivity = Assuming new people recruited from outside the company are contributing at a 75% productivity level for the first year on the job as the corporate culture, policies, practices, etc. are learned, the cost of this lost productivity can be estimated as 25% of annual compensation per employee.

If we stop here, we see we have already saved over $200,000 resulting in a 668% return on the coaching investment ($30,000). Of course, this calculation is incomplete as we have not included the savings related to orientation, training and other administrative expenses incurred with 4 new hires. We have also excluded other tangible and intangible benefits resulting from the behavioral improvements from the coaching, many of which were quite substantial. And we did not include the “8% productivity gains” as specifically noted by the client.

While challenging to calculate, it is imperative to understand that monetary values can be assigned to tangible (easier) and intangible (more difficult) results in order to measure this investment in a franchise’s most important asset – its people.

How do I get results like the above and get my people to “AWESOME???? 

 Through a fantastic leadership development program that incorporates a simple 3 step process…

1) Be Aware: Clearly Identify the Coaching Objectives Upfront

After you hire top talent, you want to reduce turnover, maximize your hiring investment, and develop your future leaders from the moment they walk through your doors!!! As such, you can increase the chances of calculating a true bottom line impact of coaching if you carefully identify the highest priority objectives before the program – and take an “objective” measurement of these areas of interest before and after the coaching occurs.

The specific objectives that we focus on will vary by coaching case and will depend on many factors:

  • Client’s department, position, level, function, etc.
  • Corporate culture
  • Industry
  • Corporate objectives/challenges/opportunities
  • Client’s developmental needs, behavioral challenges, opportunity for advancement
  • Changes in business strategy, required competencies, leadership or ownership

2) Be Intentional: Take specific steps towards Coaching Objectives

Again, while the specific areas identified for improvement will vary case-by-case, some examples of coaching objectives include:

  • Communicating clearly and effectively with bosses, peers, reports, customers, investors, etc
  • Consistently delivering business results that meet or exceed the competition, and/or forecast
  • Managing the team in an efficient and effective manner
  • Providing developmental opportunities and support for others
  • Encouraging and rewarding innovation
  • Demonstrating vigilance regarding costs, quality and customer service
  • Performing in a manner consistent with the company’s mission and prevailing ethical standards.


3) Be Accountable: Measuring the Results of Coaching

Some results are more “tangible” than others and are, therefore, easier to translate into monetary value or bottom-line impact. This is not to say that the tangible outweigh the intangible in terms of importance. In fact, intangible changes in the client’s behavior can often have a wider-ranging impact than, or may actually lead to, the more tangible benefits of coaching.

Examples of tangible benefits from coaching:

  • Increased sales in the franchises
  • More new franchises opened
  • Decreased employee turnover
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Improved productivity
  • Fewer customer/employee complaints

Examples of intangible benefits from coaching:

  • Reduced conflict
  • Better teamwork
  • More productive meetings
  • Improved employee morale – HAPPY employees generate more results!!!
  • Better customer service
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Better work/life balance

If you TRULY want to differentiate your franchise and STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD, it is NOW! Invest in your people! Give them leadership strategies that will empower them. Provide them tools and techniques that actually get them results. Be intentional about their growth and the growth of your franchise will follow!!!

Get your people in a quality Leadership Development program and watch them go from “good enough” to “AWESOME!!!”

NOTE: I won’t insult your intelligence… While we know leadership coaching and development can have a considerable influence on business results, other factors obviously have an impact. For example, sales volume is subject to many complex factors, only one of which is coaching. The level of sales is also impacted by: economic conditions, product developments, competition, pricing, customer demand, currency fluctuations, etc. 

I do know from experience and from extensive research, that your ongoing investment in the development of your leaders is one of the BEST investments, with the HIGHEST ROI your Franchise organization can make!

What are your thoughts on what it will take to help your organization go from “good enough” to “FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!”?

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Leadership, Personal Growth


What do Diamonds and Pig Manure have in common??


In today’s fast paced society of increasing conflict, ever changing requirements, increasing time pressures and elevated stress, we all need some simple tools, ideas and concepts that help us to truly be successful, focused, and get real results.


Several months ago, I posted a link about excellence and my core values. It is who I am at my deepest essence. This post is a continuation specifically written for leaders everywhere, and is some of the absolute best of the best of what I have accumulated through my mentors and experience thus far in life.
This will take you about a minute to read and I GUARANTEE you will get value as These “Leadership Diamonds” REALLY work both professionally and personally. Please feel free to question or comment on any or all points… Here we go




* Let’s start with Diamonds and pig manure. Most people are one or the other. Diamond doesn’t change pig manure and pig manure doesn’t change diamond. Keep that in mind when you find yourself in manure filled situations.

* Your LIFE is WAY more important than your work.

* Set your priorities for if you don’t someone else will. Mine are God, Family, Country and then everything else.

* Take care of your body. This isn’t rocket science. Eat less, exercise more, drink more water, sleep more.

* Be AWARE, INTENTIONAL, and ACCOUNTABLE about your life.

* Make a decision, take ownership of your decision and do the right thing.

* It pays to be a winner but NEVER at the expense of others. It’s just not worth it to step on someone else to get to the top.

* Pick and choose your victories. Just because you are correct doesn’t make you right.

* Learn new things and earn your title/ position each and every day!




* Sometimes our lives, our jobs, our relationships suck. It’s gonna happen. Deal with it.

* 3 minutes of whine time is plenty long and then it’s time to figure out how to get better!

* No more excuses. Eliminate them all. If you want success, then do the right things in the right time in the right order to get success.

* CHOOSE LIFE!!! Shift from “I’m gonna survive today” to “I’m gonna THRIVE today”. It’s your choice!

* Don’t fly by the seat of your pants every day!

* Want to be the BEST? Then TRAIN FOR IT EVERY DAY so that when it’s time you can EXECUTE FLAWLESSLY!!!

* Drop your bad attitude at the door. How you act is how your team will act.

* Figure out what you are good at, then become as ridiculously proficient at is humanly possible.


Do the common, uncommonly well!!!!


* 1,000 “Good Job” acknowledgments are cancelled out by the one “Oh Crap” moment.

* Volunteer for EVERYTHING…Be that “CAN DO” person. Seriously.

* Be the BEST that you can be, not just the bare minimum someone else expects you to be.




* This is my TRULY most powerful diamond. No religion…no hype…just simply Love God and Love People. Everything else will work itself out.

* BE REAL!!! There is enough fake crap out there to fill a bazillion libraries. TRUTH IS AMAZING!!!!!! BE REAL!!!!!!!

* Spray glue and duct tape have many uses. Be creative with what you have vs whining for what you don’t have

* Surround yourself with QUALITY people who have YOUR best interests at heart!

* Ego and liquor will destroy the very best of us.

* Build yourself. Build your team. Build your organization. In that order.

* Finally…The graveyard is the biggest collection of unused potential! Use up ALL of the potential God has created and gifted you with. ALL OF IT!


So how about you? What are your “Leadership Diamonds” that help you be successful every day? I would love to hear your thoughts and insights!!!

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7 characteristics of GREAT Franchise Leaders

Leadership, Personal Growth


“Good leadership” is the buzzword of this decade…maybe of the century!  While it may be hard to define on paper, most of us know “good leadership” when we see it.  Sometimes we recognize good leadership through the excellence of the brand, by profitable franchise relations, or by a positive presence in the local community. At other times leadership can be demonstrated by the willingness to make a sacrifice, respond to a challenge, or venture into uncharted waters.

Leadership is that rare blend of tangible and intangible skills that make others want to accomplish the organizational goals and objectives.

Leadership may never be more important, nor more of a challenge, than when running a franchise. To lead a  franchise company to growth and profit, the franchisor must understand that helping the franchisees serve the consumers is the goal. The degree of success that the company will enjoy as a franchise hinges directly on the ability of the organizations to take on the mantle of true leadership.

The philosophy for every leader of a franchise company MUST be: “When our franchisees make money and are successful, then we make money and are successful!. Therefore, we will do everything we can to help them make money and be as successful as possible!!!”

In analyzing outstanding franchise organizations, we see certain characteristics in their leaders:

7 Characteristics of Great Franchise Leaders

  1. They have vision. They know where the organization is going and can articulate the plan in such a way that the entire team is inspired by it. They are constantly looking ahead, being highly strategic, and repositioning the company to achieve the greatest profitability for both the company and its franchisees.
  2. They have respect. Good leadership sets the attitude that permeates the company. They treat their employees and franchisees as experienced business partners, explaining their decisions with data, statistics and logic rather than handing down ultimatums. When the leadership speaks and operates in a “team” mentality vs a “my way or the highway” mentality, it demonstrates the spirit of mutual respect and integrity that is necessary to be successful in the long term.
  3. They are accessible. The franchise support team…AND THE EXEC TEAM…take the time to go on the road to meet new franchisees and to renew their relationships with the established ones. Franchising is a business of partnership and trust. Deep, personal relationships inspire mutual loyalty and understanding.
  4. They listen to their franchisees and learn from them.  Successful ideas often come from franchisees. The best franchises have established a formal line of communication through a franchise advisory council to serve as a guide and sounding board for decisions, and they are willing to discuss issues informally to keep the franchise getting better, stronger, and faster.  Two ears.  One mouth.  Use them in the correct ratio.
  5. They are highly focused. They actually have worked in the operations side of the business long enough to understand the challenges that franchisees face and the systems they need to enhance higher profitability and growth. They work hard to keep bringing improvements to the processes, products and people in ways that are  logical, trainable, repeatable, and within the financial grasp of all franchisees.
  6. They are constantly growing. Good leaders are growing themselves, their team, their organization and their franchises.  They expect greatness from themselves and those around them!  They have read the manuals, sat in on the training, read the latest UFOC, and participated in the sales process so that they completely understand “the system” that they are offering.
  7. They know how to say “NO”:  They have analyzed the necessary skill set and personality style that will ensure the success of their franchisees, and they sell ONLY to those people. It takes a smart and tough leader to say no to people who want to buy but who will be unable or unwilling to perform the necessary duties (usually sales-oriented) of the business.

Many times your internal leaders are the right people to maintain the status quo.  Are they at their full potential in the above areas?  Are they growing themselves while growing the franchises? Consider also how are you delivering the next-level message to your team.  Are you fueling your organization with a renewed sense of purpose and energy? Are you creating a desire to be more collaborative and creative? Are you giving your people the positive push, tools, and strategies they need to take momentum-fueling action?  Are you effectively building and equipping your leadership on a regular basis?

If you have any questions about your current leadership effectiveness, or are considering your leadership strategies going forward, then let’s talk. I’ve been at this a long time and have worked with the best of the best of the best leaders and organizations in the world. I understand that what you really want is to make a lasting impact in your organization, the lives of your team, and your franchise owners.  I promise you…Straight talk. No smoke and mirrors.  REAL Leadership.  REAL Life.  REAL Success!

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How to get into Entrepreneurs Franchise 500

Leadership, Personal Growth


Want to make the highly exclusive Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500? Use these 6 Strategies daily!

You’re funny. You’re smart. You’re a hard worker.

You’re a multi-talented, able to juggle-ten-things-at-a-time, never-gets-tired, won’t-back-down-from-a-challenge, outside of the box thinker who is ready to tackle the world. When it comes down to it, you’re the best franchise person you know!!!!

2017 Top Franchises from Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 List contains a group of tremendously successful franchises! Congrats to each of you for your hard work and your success!!! I LOVED seeing LINE-X ranked as #1 in their category this year (see press release here)! It’s no easy task!!!!!!!

Yes…it’s hard work to build a successful franchise! Harder work still to get on this list. Hardest work of all is GETTING TO THE TOP AND STAYING on this list! Even though there are great products, processes and people in so many franchises, what is that separates the good…from the GREAT???

I’m a professional assassin of the average, ordinary and mediocre mindsets and have consistently worked with extremely successful franchises (including LINE-X). Based on my personal experience and extensive study, there is a replicable pattern in each of the best of the best franchises! It’s simple really…


It’s the basics. Do them well and do them often. It’s having well defined systems and processes, it’s having consistent and relevant products, and it’s about having AMAZING, INCREDIBLE PEOPLE on your team!!! Here are some other strategies I see the winners doing!

1. Go Big or Go Home

Don’t bunt. DO Swing big and go for the fences. Aim for the stars! Be the BEST!!

Your franchises are depending on you, not the other way around! If you allow yourself to take shortcuts or present a less than compelling product or service, then you’ve failed. As an entrepreneur, business leader or executive, you simply cannot afford to be mediocre or average. If you cannot achieve excellence on your own, then you should hire someone who can!

2. Do Your Homework

Business leaders who ignore research are more dangerous than military advisors who ignore the input of their soldiers from the front lines!

You cannot have a successful franchise unless you know:

•  Who you’re selling to

•  Why they need your product or service

•  How that person thinks

•  What you have that aligns with what that person needs

If you haven’t done your research, then you’re simply faking it, and it’s that type of mindset that gets business leaders in trouble! We need to sell to people who want our products and are already buying. Too many franchises attempt to create a need for the marketplace instead of delivering what the market wants.

To have a great franchise, you need to understand your audience better than anyone else, so that you know how you can best serve them. You have to be real, relevant, timely. Nothing else will do.

3. Never Talk down to Your Franchises

Your franchises are not idiots or morons. They are your best friend!!! Don’t insult their intelligence and don’t make it hard for them to do business with you!

Speaking on behalf of franchises everywhere, as great as your product may be, speaking down to your audience is DEFINITELY going to turn them away!!! As much as you’d love them to be infatuated with your charming pitch, understand that, at the end of the day, they simply want your product or service to solve a problem for them. They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They want to be a part of your success. They want to provide for their families.

Treat your franchises with respect, dignity, and excellence!!! Make them do more than tolerate you…make them actually like and respect you!!! Turn your franchises into RAVING FANS!!! And while you think you’re on equal footing, always remember you need the franchises to be successful so that you can be successful. Get (and keep) a servant heart in your business to be truly successful!

4. Live by the The 80/20 Rule!!! It will change your life!!!

The 80/20 Rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

How are you spending your time and and using your resources? The reality is we waste a LOT of energy on tasks and events that don’t bring a lot of return.

For example, in marketing your product or service, you should spend 80% of your efforts on one simple question. Before someone decides to buy from you, they want to know one thing:


Why is the product important? Why is it a good deal? Why should they be interested? Why should they buy it from you? Why should they buy it now, rather than later? Why should they trust you?

Consciously or subconsciously, all of those questions are going through a franchisee’s head. If you want them to act, you need to answer them, and you need to do it in a way that is relevant and timely to your franchise. Spend 80% of your efforts on the right things and you will get maximum results!

5. Keep the main thing as the MAIN THING


This is a simple fact and pure truth. If you want people to buy more franchises, you need them to see your culture, products or services in their lives and be able to envision how a franchise will improve their lives. Everything else is secondary. If you can awe them with your words, videos, or pictures in the process, fine, but don’t do it at the expense of the Franchisee. Don’t overcomplicate things. KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!! MAKE THE FRANCHISEE SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!

6. Stay Relevant

MARCH 2, 2007: “HELLO, Hello, How ya doin’, Bon Jour”


For many, this was a life-changing event that started with a simple commercial. There was a new product being announced called an “iPhone”. It promised an easy-to-use tool that would be both fun and intuitive. And they were right!!! Whether or not you like Apple, Apple took an old product, and made it extremely relevant. In doing so, Apple changed our lives forever!!!

In order to avoid going the way of the dinosaur, you HAVE to remain relevant! This is NOT AN OPTION!!!! You MUST be relevant in today’s fast paced, rapidly changing world!!! Apple continues to demonstrate this simple, yet powerful concept in that a company has to pursue…and deliver…excellence daily!!! You must do the same to be truly successful!!!!

Bottom line…Your franchises are your kids!!! 

You have to nurture them, grow them, help them develop and fight for it during tough times. You have to keep continually demonstrate excellence in order to see them fully mature. If you take care of your franchisees now, they will take care of you later on!!!


If there was ever a time to differentiate your franchise and STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD, it is NOW! In today’s world, where change happens faster than the click of a mouse, franchises want the strategies, leadership and technology that will empower them to tackle our crazy 24/7 world so they can: Increase sales. Be better leaders. Attract more customers. Manage change. Maximize productivity. Maintain Integrity. Communicate effectively. Stay healthy. Enjoy life more along the way. And….experience more success than they ever thought possible.

Many Franchises are brilliant with products and processes, and are less skilled at leading people. I help franchises with powerhouse strategies that will increase your profits, sales, customer base and good will, while engaging employees for maximum success and peak performance.

Is your franchise performing the way you want it to? Are you committed to the highest levels of excellence in every aspect of your franchise? Are you leading with a warrior spirit and a servant heart? Are you relevant? Are you making the sales you need to be making?

If not, give me a call or drop me an email. No pressure…just a brief honest conversation about how to get the BEST results possible from yourself and your team!

Here’s to your massive success and I hope to see you on the Top 500 someday!!!

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3 Questions to Explode Your Success

Leadership, Personal Growth


So 2016 wasn’t my worst year…nor was it my best year. I had some personal challenges…and some success. As such, I haven’t “arrived” yet and I continue to strive to be the best that I can be. I love what John Maxwell says, “sometimes I win…and sometimes I learn” So I want to share some of what I learned this last year and what will help you and I win this year!!!


First, be sure to always start with questions…LOTS of questions…Lots and lots and lots of questions…in the right order. I find that I often jump to the “how” and the “what” before I have the below questions figured out. I also find that when I do things in the right order, I get much more lasting success and real results!!!


One of the other concepts I have shared a lot over this last year (Click here for more awesomeness) is to have laser sharp, crystal clear, focus…over time. It’s easy to get focused on something at that moment, however we must strive to keep the main thing as THE MAIN THING!!!


It’s a challenge to stay focused on the right things…over time.



So here are my questions I use to before I start any new endeavors and projects. I come back to these questions often as they help me stay focused on what’s important. Try them and watch your success and results increase immediately and exponentially.


#1. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY??? The simplest, most powerful question ever!!! After I had decided to pursue leadership consulting and speaking full time, I fell back on my Six Sigma days and looked at the five “whys” for my decision, to examine, re-examine and re-re-examine whether or not my decision was a good one for me, my family, my life. I had to be sure that my “why” was bomb-proof because when times get tough (as they often will) I had to have a solid “why”. What about you? What does your “why” look like? Will it stand up to the stress test?


Will your “why” carry you through the ridiculously hard times you will experience as a business owner, leader or entrepreneur,


#2. WHO are you? No more excuses. We only get one shot at this life. It’s up to us to decide who we want to be. I can’t always define my situations and circumstances. I can always define how I choose to react. I choose to be a man of honor, courage, commitment, discipline, integrity, servanthood and humility. This is MY life and I choose, and live accordingly as to who I want to be. I choose who I do business with and I choose to be above board and deliver fair solutions at a fair price. I choose to live with integrity and excellence in all I do. I still make mistakes…we all do…however I choose not to let one failure…nor one success…define me. Excellence is a way of life. Something I have to choose to do each and every day!!! What about you? What are your core values? What do you want to be known for this year? Answer these questions truthfully and it will help you to chart a clear path going forward.


Excellence is more than one act, event, seminar or book…it’s a way of life!!!


#3. WHEN ??? When is Christmas? December 25. When is Halloween? October 31. When is Fourth of July? I know, I know…duh…lol. Seriously…I hear people talk about goals, ambitions, and what they are going to do “someday”. Then I ask them “when” and ask them for a specific date. Then the deer-in-the-headlights look shows up and the real fun begins. They get the point and the value of how important “when” is and how it must be defined on our calendars in writing if we want to accomplish the goal. Even after the realization sets in, it is still amazing how many people won’t set a date on their phones, or in their calendars. I insist on putting anything important to me on my calendar ASAP as I know if I don’t, it won’t get done!!!


And quick bonus thought…most people try to do too much in a month and not enough in a year. Smaller, more frequent goals will help you get better, stronger, faster, as we humans love to see progress!


Set your longterm (and short term) goals and objectives ON YOUR CALENDAR…and do it TODAY !!!


BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF…what goals, objectives, projects, initiatives, and concepts need to get on your calendar? What’s stopping you from putting them on the calendar TODAY???? Come on…we all have at least one thing that needs to be on there…Get it done. Get it done right now


That’s it for now…until next time, Here’s to your massive success!!!!

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