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Meet John Hawkins, the man who takes you from one sphere of influence to another.

What makes John stand out from the crowd?

Who am I personally?

  • I’m a husband to a beautiful and funny wife and father of a little girl with too much energy who loves singing and dancing.
  • I am a US Navy veteran who is proudly American and have a heart for adventure, people and God. I enjoy sports, trying out new ice-cream flavors, and I’m a coffee aficionado.
  • I live in Florida a block from the beach, and love watching the sunrises here.
  • I love seeing people with tremendous heart win!

Who am I professionally?

  • I’m an expert at high-performance coaching, mindset and strategy. I’ve had my company for 20 years, worked with the best of the best and have a waiting list.
  • I am highly driven and believe excellence is not an act but a way of life.
  • I am dedicated to see clients succeed and achieve their goals, and for that reason I am tough on clients and myself.
  • A strategic advisor and leadership consultant to many successful businesses and organizations.

What have I achieved professionally?

  • Created a program which sees companies grow and personal leadership thrive.
  • I’ve successfully coached hundreds of business owners, leaders and athletes on leadership strategy.
  • Have successfully exceeded multimillion dollar quotas in software pre- and post-sales over multiple years.
  • I’ve recovered from business failures, two of which I lost my entire life savings in.
  • Held several key corporate leadership roles as director of IT and VP of operations among others.
  • I have extensive experience as an entrepreneur and a company which has been in business for 20 years.

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