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Building Leaders in Business and Life

“Your greatness is not defined by your success but by the success of the people around you”

High-performance leadership building is more than a few acronyms you can hang in the breakroom or pass out at staff meetings–it’s relational.

You’re searching for the “IT” factor, maybe your team once had it, maybe you knew you were on your way to “IT” but couldn’t quite get there. Whatever “IT” is, you know you need it to get to the next level– and you know it starts with your leaders.

You’re made up of the best and the brightest, but every great team needs a little dialing in now and then.

What you aren’t going to get here is another guru. Another business coach. Another fill in the blank. I know this isn’t your first rodeo. I know you have had other speakers, programs, events, consultants, seminars and workshops–yet, nothing seems to last longer than a day or two after the event.

What I’m offering is real, salt of the earth, in the trenches, kind of leadership development for your organization. So if you’re looking for another feel-good, rah-rah program that doesn’t deliver lasting results, you may need to look somewhere else.

If you are looking for the tools to help your leaders increase confidence and effectiveness for themselves, then working with me is the mission-critical next step. I’ll roll up my sleeves with your team and ask the right questions to help them unlock their true potential.

Questions that will help them frame in their minds WHY their work is important to them and WHAT they can start doing today to make a positive impact on those around them. Our time together is going to matter–through a series of thought exercises, stories, and personal anecdotes I am going to create a fundamental shift in HOW your leaders THINK. Now, that’s life- changing.

Effective leaders create teams with unified vision–from the CEO to the Operations Director to the Mailroom Clerk. Successful teams increase sales, champion innovation, and disrupt their industries.

Through customized speeches, exercises, and workshops tailor-made for your company your team will learn how to:

  • Expand their influence
  • Enhance their positive impact
  • Increase confidence, competence, and communication
  • Transform team dynamics
  • Accelerate their individual growth

Are you ready for lasting change? Because it starts TODAY!!!

What others are saying

“WOW!!! John was AMAZING!!!!”

His preparation, before the event, was amazing. He spent hours on the phone with me so we could orchestrate the best active presentation for the college’s in-service.

The day was one of the best events I have ever witnessed. He is straight forward, you get what he says you will get and he is there to help you on many levels!!!”

Scott Mickelson 
President, Dawson Community College

“The growth in my team was incredible!”

“I have known John for the best part of 8 years and I have used him on numerous occasions delivering custom presentations/programs and have never been disappointed.

His high energy and highly innovative presentations keep the participant engaged, and John does his homework delivering relevant information specific to our needs”

George Lezon
Executive Vice President, LINE-X Protective Coatings