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The world needs High Performance Leaders now more than ever! Sharing from 25 years of experience, John imparts specific tools, strategies and secrets used by the BEST OF THE BEST to to maximize success, increase focus and accelerate peak performance in their teams and organizations.  You will learn what drives people, how to effectively harness your strengths, build yourself, your team and your organization.  People become aware, intentional and accountable for their behaviors, which in turn delivers better, stronger, and faster results.

No theory.  No “smoke and mirrors”.  No snake oil.


John will help you change your psychology and grow your business and your performance to new levels!!!

John’s presentation was OFF THE CHARTS!!! He was engaging, challenging, and motivated our people in a positive direction !!! Paul DeSmet

Executive VP, LINE-X Protective Coatings


Elaine Szeto

Director & SVP of National Treasury Management, Mutual of Omaha Bank

John is good…REAL good!!!  His incredible talk challenged me to think outside of the box!!! Shawn Findlater

CEO, Virtual QE

John Hawkins is a Leadership Speaker who knows how to effectively accelerate growth and development for high performance individuals, teams and organizations.  John imparts Leadership strategies and concepts, which helps empowers individuals and thereby adding value to their organizations, communities, schools and lives.  Interwoven with deep core values and day-to-day actions, John urges us to dive headfirst into a Leadership style that Reaches Every aspect of Life (R.E.A.L) and provides a blueprint for long-term success, signifiance and legacy. John Hawkins’ Universal Message of Honor, Courage and Commitment strongly resonates with a tone of practicality, honesty, and humor.

As a member of Forbes Coaches Council on Leadership and Management, and active on several board of directors, John Hawkins’ multifaceted work includes:

Top Leadership Keynote Speaker
As a highly in-demand motivational speaker and thought leader, John Hawkins speaks about leadership at events and conferences across the globe. John Hawkins thought-provoking message encourages each of us to lead with substance, significance, and success.

Leadership Coach and Consultant
John Hawkins is a senior-level leadership coach and consultant and has worked with hundreds of clients, large and small, across all sectors.  Check out some of the reviews here or on Linked In

Leadership Author
Not just an inspirational speaker–John Hawkins has written numerous articles, posts and leadership classes for Business magazines and Higher Education Institutions.  He also has 2 books coming out soon, one on Personal Leadership and another on Developing High Performance Teams.

Explore the blog and learn more about R.E.A.L. Leadership, or contact John Hawkins to book him as a conference speaker for an upcoming event


John’s transparency and realness helped me to an entirely new level!!!

Dr. Jessica Johnston

DNP, Norton Hospital

John Hawkins is the type of speaker that your people will want to learn from! With such a tremendous range of experience, engaging presentation and grounded in solid core principles, John will impact your people in incredibly powerful ways! Sherry Swift

President, Swift Transitions

Simply brilliant!!!!  In one short hour, John helped my whole team experience a new level of leadership and sphere of influence growth! James Doling

Associate Quality Manager, Stryker

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